by Allison Randal
from HP and OSI

Allison is a software developer and open source strategist. She is president of the Open Source Initiative, board member at the Perl Foundation, and co-founder of the FLOSS Foundations group for open source leaders. She previously served as president of the Perl Foundation, chief architect of the Parrot virtual machine and chairman of the Board at the Parrot Foundation, board member at the Python Software Foundation, Open Source Evangelist and OSCON Conference Chair at O'Reilly Media, and Technical Architect of Ubuntu and Open Source Advisor at Canonical. She collaborates in the Debian, Ubuntu, Python, Perl, and OpenStack projects, and currently works on open source strategy at Hewlett Packard.

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Title: Free as in Freedom

Description: "And if it comes back to being all alone at the starting gate, so be it. We hadn't wanted this fuss, these extras. We were calm under an appearance of turmoil, and so we remain even today, an unwanted inspiration to those who come immediately after as well as those who came before, lots of them, stretching back into times of discussion. I told you so, we can handle it, hand on the stick shift headed into the billboard labeled Tomorrow, the adventures of new music, melismas shrouding the past and the passing days."

-- John Ashbery, “Episode” from Planisphere

2016 November 12 09:30
1 h
Broadway Performance Hall
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 2016