by Stephen Brandon
from Coffee Meets Bagel

I am a devops/SRE that has been working in startups over the last few years. Prior to that I have worked with several large companies. I currently live in San Francisco with my wife and son.

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The first year of operations in a startup!

Commonly, full stack engineers handle the early days and MVP in a startup. At some point, a devops/SRE is hired to takeover the infrastructure. What does that look like? I'll speak to that first year of operations, from transitioning from a monolithic application and a single database, to implementing orchestration, configuration management, CI, and other common toolsets.

Initially we'll dive into seeing what's already there. What CI/CD exists? What deployment methodology? What sort of monitoring, metrics, and logging? What internal tools are already in place? Next, how do we create a roadmap and get stakeholders to buy in.

We'll go over multiple technologies like Ansible, Nagios, ELK, AWS, but try and stay agnostic and talk more about overall implementations and themes.

Thank you!

2016 November 11 16:30
1 h
Room 3180
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 2016