by Elijah C. Voigt
from OSU Open Source Lab

Elijah has been a Linux Users Group President, is a Software Developer at the OSU OSL, and has given talks internationally!

No video of the event yet, sorry!

Git is a very popular tool for tracking changes made to your project and adding new changes by outside contributors. This talk explores when and how to use Git. After this talk you will be able to 1. Make a Git repository. 2. Work with others on the Git repo using Github. 3. Know where to look for more information about Git 4. Know which questions to ask the Internet when you just can't even because everything is so broken. Note: While this talk touches on the use of Github it focuses mostly on the tool Git and tries to stay away from peaching for the use of any particular online collaboration tool (Bitbucket, Github, Gitlab, Gitolite, etc).

2016 November 11 13:00
1 h
Room 3179
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 2016