by Rachel
from PyDX Conf
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Onboarding (engineers) is difficult. Onboarding juniors is very difficult. Come hear this PyLadies Portland organizer & developer share real, anonymous horror stories in three acts.

ACT I. Advice for failing your junior developer. Here we'll talk about setting your newest hire up for failure in remarkable numbers of ways, like removing resources to ask questions and using industry nonstandard, undocumented processes, in order to make sure they cannot succeed. ACT II. Advice for NOT failing your junior developer, item by item ACT III. Your environment is weird & your practices, no matter how established OR how modern, are weird. Documentation, resources, availability, consistency, pedagogy - these are all vitally important and let's talk about how to structure your onboarding in advance, and what's proven to have worked well.

2016 November 12 14:00
1 h
Room 3180
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 2016