by edunham
from Mozilla

E. Dunham is the DevOps engineer for Mozilla research, which in practice means shepherding servers for the Rust language and Servo browser engine web presence, continuous integration, and release infrastructure. The OSU Open Source Lab alum's hobbies include carpentry, gardening, and filing “please license your code” issues on GitHub.

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The Servo browser engine is a Mozilla initiative to test novel approaches to rendering the web and build components to improve Firefox. Servo's zealously open community contribution model is a glimpse into the future of how corporate projects can work symbiotically with volunteers.

However, the mix of Servo's uncompromisingly open workflow and Mozilla's strict security requirements for Firefox components creates infrastructure challenges. This talk will follow Servo's quest to get the best of both worlds, highlighting the tools and techniques that other projects can use on similar challenges.

Slides are available at http://talks.edunham.net/seagl2016/servo/ (use arrow keys to navigate)

2016 November 12 16:30
1 h
Room 3183
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 2016