by garrett honeycutt

Garrett Honeycutt has been hacking *nix based systems and spreading the merits of open source software for over fifteen years. He began using Puppet in 2007 while building out a national carrier grade VoIP system. Previously he has worked on such things as building core internet infrastructure for an ISP, creating mobile media distribution platforms, and as a Professional Services Engineer with Puppet Labs helping customers around the world with Puppet, DevOps processes, and project management and as the Puppet Architect at Ericsson in Stockholm where he coordinated with and mentored those writing Puppet code for their global R&D sites supporting over 30k developers.

He has consulted for many different types of companies from small startups to global multinationals in the finance, airline, entertainment, automotive, manufacturing, retail, nonprofit, government, telecommunications, and technology sectors.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

Packer is free/open (MPL2) software from HashiCorp for creating multiple machine and container images from a single configuration source. It allows you to take one input such as an ISO and have multiple outputs, such as VirtualBox, AWS, Google, Docker, etc. and is an important step in automating you infrastructure.

This talk is an intro talk about Packer and where it fits in with other software dealing with things such as virtualization, containers, configuration management, and continuous deployments. It would fit well in a track related to DevOps, Cloud, Systems engineering and automation. I previously gave this talk at Southeast Linuxfest, where it went over well to a crowded room.


2016 November 12 14:00
1 h
Room 3183
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 2016