by William Hale
from Snowdrift.coop

/?/ Kilted Globetrotter, Free/Libre/Open Advocate, and Lifelong Hacker /?/ William Hale, aka Salt, has been using Linux since 1996 and currently favors Debian. He is a Seattle local who owns a web development firm and an event bartending service, graduated from the University of Washington, and lead the Greater Seattle Linux Users Group from 2007 through 2015. Recently, he has joined Snowdrift.coop as Community Director.

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Have you ever worried about putting something witty on Twitter wondering if it will be lost to time and attributed to someone else? How about the ability to push a check-in to Swarm, Facebook, and Instagram simultaneously?

The IndieWeb has been growing since 2013 and strives to create an alternative to content silos and the 'corporate web'. This is achieved through creating a single source of truth for your content and identity aka a personal domain.

Three core concepts that are important to understand: 'Your content is yours' not FB/Twitter/etc, 'You are better connected' by pushing to multiple services, and 'You are in control' of the content, format, and permanence of your links.

Let's explore the ramifications of this and answer any questions you might have together!

2016 November 11 10:45
1 h
Room 3183
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 2016