by Lucy Wyman
from OSU Open Source Lab

I'm a Quality Assurance Engineer for Puppet Labs, where I automate tests and develop testing infrastructure for puppet orchestrator, PCP, and PE core. I graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Computer Science in June 2016, where I worked as a Front-End Engineer for the OSU Open Source Lab. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends, hiking, experiencing new things, and enjoying a wide variety of podcasts, tv shows, blogs, books, and other media.

You can see more of my work at http://lucywyman.me and http://github.com/lucywyman See conference presentations I've given at http://slides.lucywyman.me Or read my thoughts at http://blog.lucywyman.me

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Join me on a cultural, technical, and philosophical journey through time and space. Not sure what BDFL, Backus-Naur Form, gparted, astroturfing, or The Evil Bit are? I've got you covered. This talk aims to introduce common phrases, tools, protocols, cultural references, and other tech jargon to help you keep up with technical discussions.

Slides available at http://slides.lucywyman.me/linux-jargon

2016 November 11 10:45
1 h
Room 3180
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 2016