by Spencer Krum
from HP

Spencer (nibalizer) Krum has been operating systems since 2010. He works for HP doing OpenStack and Puppet things. Spencer is a core contributor to the OpenStack Infrastructure Project's puppet configuration. Spencer coordinates the local DevOps user group in Portland and volunteers for an ops-training program at Portland State University called the Braindump. Spencer is a published author and frequent speaker at technical conferences. Spencer helped found the puppet-community effort, which attempts to bring together a network of developers, modules, and infrastructure.

Spencer lives and works in Portland, Oregon where he enjoys cheeseburgers and StarCraft II.

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OpenStack is Open Source cloud software. It is used by huge corporations, elite operations teams, and free software fanatics. But what about humans? OpenStack can be used by regular humans too! In this talk I'll introduce OpenStack, answering all those questions about what OpenStack is, and what it does. Then, I'll give some brief tutorials on how to use to OpenStack, tutorials that can be understood by a human. Simple, concrete tasks will be demonstrated by the audience, who can go away ready to put their new knowledge to work. Whatever your 'appetite' for cloud is, whatever your budget and size needs, there is an OpenStack powered cloud for you.

2016 November 12 15:30
1 h
Room 3183
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 2016